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I am very reluctantly selling my GEN2 Limited Edition Halfling sword :\

This double-edged short sword has been in my collection for 6 years and it is in mint condition.

As stated above, It is a limited edition item with the number 073 stamped into the crescent-shaped steel cross guard.

The sword measures 56cm from tip to the top of the pommel and it weighs 0.8kg.

The blade is made of 1060 carbon steel and has a leaf-blade shape with a flattened diamond cross-section and a full tang.

The grip is made of stained hardwood and capped with a substantial steel scent-stopper pommel

The scabbard is made of wood and covered in black leather and comes with an elegantly 'sculpted' steel chape and throat.

My price for this rare Halfling sword is 400 plus 35 worldwide shipping.

For hi-res images, feel free to contact me through this forum or e-mail me at

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