I have for sale a pair of more 14th century style arms. I did these as sort of a compliment to the 14th century style legs I had up a few days ago http://www.myArmoury.com/talk/viewtopic.php?t=26178 as I like how they came out.. They are made from 16 gauge steel, with an outwardly rolled top edge rebrace and bracer cuff and beveled plate edges where appropriate. The crease of the wing on the knee copps has a little decorative file work and they come with hand made buckles and steel holders with light decorative file and chisel work. There are leather tabs at the top of the rebrace with two eyelets for pointing. The bracers turn in slots in the manner of the " Voght of Match " armour in Churburg ( also shown close up in TOMAR ) and all the rest of the plates are slot riveted as well. The bracers are 8 1/8 inches long and have a max circumference of 15 1/2 inches at the fore arm and 10 5/8 inches at the wrist. They fit me fine and i'm thouroughly average with 14 1/2 inch biscepts and arms that are 23 inches from the ball of the shoulder to the wrist. They bend fully through the range of the arm and have plenty of hyperextension . I'd like to get $165.00 for the pair ( less than we used to charge for them with cast buckles and regular non turning bracers ) plus shipping. I can add buckles to the leather tabs with eyelets for attaching to a strap rather than pointing at no extra charge if desired.

The legs linked above have sold but as I have to build items to cover costs while working on outstanding commsions from before I closed I would entertain building a second set of them to go with these arms if theres interest.

Feel free to ask questions. Paypal, check or money order is fine.

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14th new 14th century arms reduced.jpg

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new 14th century arm rebracer close up reduced.jpg

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splinted leg wing detail reduced.jpg

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spaulder buckle reduced.jpg

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new 14th century arms bracer close up reduced.jpg