The Albion Machiavelli
This particular maker's sword has caught my eye as of late, not least of which because it looks just like a lot of the swords depicted in Achille Marozzo's work Opera Nova. However, I don't see much in the way of reviews or owners remarks about the sword online. I guess perhaps its not as popular as other Albion swords or because it may not be in most people's preferred historical period of interest. But this sword just speaks to me. :lol:

So, to those who frequent this forum and own one, or have at least gotten the opportunity to handle one, I've got a few questions about the Machiavelli. I remember reading somewhere that the grip is a little narrow, and I was wondering if that is true? Of course that is a rather subjective question, but the Machiavelli's handle may in fact be a little more narrow than the others, and given my opportunities to handle an example in person are few and far in-between, anyone's take would be useful. My second question is, how wide are the quillons from tip to tip? Finally, what is the general handling characteristics of the weapon? I'd imagine it would be similar to Albion's Doge, Kern, or Condottiere, what with the shared Oakeshott blade type, XIX, but is there anything thing that may make the Machiavelli feel more cut or thrust oriented, or is there a nice balance of both tendencies?

Thanks in advance.
I once owned the sword and sold it to raise cash. I really loved the piece. The blade is beautiful and the handling is awesome. Check out my topic and photos.
Your short review of the Machiavelli is the longest commentary on the weapon I could find, Nathan, and will good for a surface level review, I'm looking for more of an in-depth review. But so far, yours is the best I could find.

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