Alfred The Great
I'm 55 ... Over 35 years ago I remember sitting in front of the family TV in my favorite rocking
chair and often watching the 4:30 Afternoon Movie. One of those films that stuck in my mind
was Alfred The Great ...

As I grew up I came to enjoy movies similar in nature ... The Vikings with Kirk Douglas,
Tony Curtis, Janet Lee, and Earnest Borgnine ... The Warlord with Charlton Heston ...
Spartacus, Excaliber, even Monty Python's Jabberwocky ... and others, period
pieces of different ages like Fall Of The Roman Empire, Quo Vadis, and Cleopatra ...
As I enjoyed these movies -- I won't even get into the great Samurai Movies I so adore ! -- so I would
buy them; first on VHS, now on DVD ...

On and on the film industry continued to offer very good viewing fare, as well as some pure ole
crappola -- any movie with Billy Zane and a sword for instance. My movie collection swelled
with new masterpieces ... Gladiator, Kingdome Of Heaven, Troy, Alexander -- Yes,
I'm guilty of actually liking this movie ! -- and incredible fantasies like 300, Legend, and
The Lord Of The Rings ...

Through it all I began to search for Alfred The Great ... couldn't find it anywhere, couldn't order
it from anyone. With the advent of THIS wonnerful world I at least found information about the movie,
two of it stars David Hemmings and Michael York. But for the longest longest time it seemed the
movie was never put on VHS let alone DVD.

And then about six weeks ago I googled onto, or maybe it was yahooed onto :

And there listed as apparently available to order, a DVD of Alfred The Great !

Now, normally I'm leary of ordering from some sites where the delivery time is 2 - 6 weeks. Kinda'
smacks of the ole oops we forgot about you ! sorry, your item is no longer available ! and, nope
we don't give refunds. You'll have to select a replacement from our AVAILABLE stock
... But, since
this had been such a LONG time in the finding, I took the chance. $ 14.99 plus $ 5 shipping ...

And the wait began. Six weeks after placing the order I emailed the gents at Hard To Find Films
to check on the status of my order, and was rewarded with confirmation that it was being taken
care of that week. A few days later the movie was in my hands ... B-)

... A great movie ? Certainly not ... Adequately acted ? I'd say so ... Historically accurate ? I'm not
the guy to ask, to be honest ... Wonnerful costumes ? Interesting swords ? No, not really, though
the engraved King's sword Alfred wields DID stick in my mind as rather cool ...

I think I enjoyed the movie more because it represented the end of a long quest, in some sense
like my quest for a custom-made Polish War Saber. And for anyone who remembers even a jot of this
movie and like me had hopes of running into it one day, here's proof that patience, curiosity, persistance,
and a lil luck can pay off ...

Maybe not all the time, but certainly once in awhile.
I remember seeing this movie when it was released at the theatres. Been looking for it ever since on video or DVD.
i dunno about this movie, but there is a book series about a man working alongside alfred by bernad cornwell. its really good in terms of story and gives a geat feel for the saxon times, if your willing to fogive the fact that WAY too many people have maile and that theres way too few spers but that doesnt really impede the story.. i recommend the series wholeheartedly.
Thanks for the comments, gentlemen. Let me add, that the DVD's quality was good
enough for me; but I'm not Mr. Technology when it comes to my entertainment center.
Smallish flatscreen TV, no blue-ray player yet; I keep it pretty simple. Still showing some
love to my VCR. Someone else might not be all that happy with the movie quality, but one
should remember whatever the transfer, this movie is dated from 1969 ...

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