As a proud member of the Guild I would like to present it to the members of

While the Guild is mostly focused on modern knifemaking, it also supports and promotes other traditional crafts and craftsmen, more related to historic arms and armour.

I will now quote our website :

The Polish Guild of Knifemakers was established in 2011 as a non-profit organization.
The Associoation unites people creating knives and side arms. The main goal of the Society is to promote the achievements of Polish craftsmen and artists, dealing with creation of knives, sabres, swords and other elements of historical arms and armour.
Sadly, a knife is associated predominantly with criminals these days. As an Association we want to promote the image of weapon as a piece of art. Knives do not have to be perceived solely as crime instruments. Rather, people should recognize them as a tool of everyday use, without which the daily life would be much more difficult. The common need for blades made the art and craft of creating knives one of the oldest registered guild crafts.
Arms and armour represent an important piece of human history thus making the art and craft of its creation an important part of our heritage. The common need for preserving this rich heritage, united in our company experts of blacksmithing, planishers, armourers along with specialists in arts of decoration: engraving, carving etc.

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