US M1833 Dragoons Sabre, interesting mark...

I have in my possession a US M1833 Dragoons Sabre. It is an 1834 dated "MS" in VG+ condition. I am trying to figure out one interesting mark on the scabbard. Near the throat the scabbard is marked 65, I have not seen a similar numeric mark, it can't be a regiment... I don't think. There is no 65th regiment of dragoons.

Secondarily I am wondering about the MS on the quillon. The theory would be that it is a state of Massachusetts acceptance stamp, however was there a Massachusetts dragoon unit in 1834? I have been able to find no record of one, why would it be a state specific acceptance, if the regiment was not?

Thank you for any help you can offer,


p.s. I do not have any pictures, but for those interested... it is virtually identical in both condition and markings to this sword (except for the "65" on the scabbard)
Upon further investigation I believe I have found some details that may answer my own questions. In 1836 the National Lancers were formed in Massachusetts. The National Lancers purchased a group of US M1833 Sabres from Springfield Armoury. The sabres in the initial purchase were all from 1834/35 and still inscribed United States Dragoons. On the quillon they were all inspected and marked "MS". Later purchased sabres were specifically inscribed National Lancers. One variation with National Lancer sabres is that they all have had brass scabbards (as does mine). On the scabbards rack marks were stamped on the throat, i.e. the 65.

More information on the National Lancers can be read here:


Hadrian Coffin

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