Looking for information about an Ulfberht sword
I'm looking for any information photos or experience about a specific Ulfberht sword. The sword can be found on page 125 of Swords of the Viking Age by Ian Peirce. I am hoping maybe someone has had a chance to see it in person or maybe document it further. I know it may be a shot in the dark, but any info is appreciated. I'm especially interested if anyone has any further documentation or shots from other angles.

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Hi Robin,
That Ulfberth sword used to belong (maybe still does - I'm not sure) to David Oliver, the editor and publisher of the Park Lane Arms Fair catalogues, whose speciality is early mediaeval swords. He lives in Northumberland and I might be able to find an email address for him if you want to contact him. I don't think he's on the 'myArmoury' forum. Let me know.
Absolutely... I would greatly appreciate it.
OK, I tried to contact David Oliver but he is away until 16th May. However I did find his email address.

So you could try that later. He also has/had an INGELRII sword! Good luck.
I edited your post to remove the email address. Posting email addresses on a public forum like you did is a great way for web-crawling spambots to harvest another email address to send spam to. I wouldn't post someone else's email address that way without their permission.

Back to the thread...
For comparison there are several replicas of this sword out there,

Starting from Windlass: http://www.museumreplicas.com/p-1637-viking-ulfberht.aspx

To the custom sword A&A made for Tim Lison: http://www.arms-n-armor.com/custom941.html

To this beauty by Robert Moc: http://www.robert-moc.sk/pages/gallery/mec-ulfberht129.php
Appreciate the input... Its moot now though. Taking it a different direction.

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