Prosser 1818 sword
I have aqcuired a sword and was hoping to gain as much info on it as possible. What I do know is it was presented to a Captain George Silvertop of the 14th Dragoons in 1818. He was mentioned in dispatches in the Peninsular War in 1808. I am sure he survived this conflict. One thing that is puzzling me is what the "B.W.C" stands for that is on the reverse of the blade (it may be B.W.G.)

Here are some identifiers:

inscription on sheath: prosser (charing cross) london


on reverse of blade: B.W.C.

on hilt: PROSSER maker to the Prince Regent No.9 Charing Cross LONDON


length of blade (including handle, tip to tip, not accounting for curve) 36" (92cm)

length of blade (including handle, tip to tip, with curve) 37" (94cm)

length of scabbard (tip to tip, not accounting for curve) 32" (82cm)

length of scabbard (tip to tip, with curve) 34" (92cm)

width of blade (at hilt) 1 3/8" (35mm) - tapers slightly along length to a point

many thanks

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Hi John

Welcome aboard.

Can you better describe or share a picture of
One thing that is puzzling me is what the "B.W.C" stands for that is on the reverse of the blade (it may be B.W.G.)

How large are the letters? Where on the blade are they located? Across the blade, or along the blade?

Thanks in advance



link above to new picture - the lettering is 6mm high and the top of the letters are pointing to the tip, so when you hold the sword with the tip on the floor the letters appear upside down.

hope that helps.


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Actually, its BVC (silly me)
more pictures

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Congratulations on a wonderful sword!

B.V.C. = Bywell Volunteer Cavalry (Bywell Troop of Volunteer Yeomanry Cavalry)

Here is a lengthy write-up on Silvertop available on Google Books:;f=false

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George Silvertop.png

Many thanks, you have been a great help.

There is a copy of the book in Newcastle library, will have to order it as it is not on ebook :-(

A bit of a long shot, but is there any way of viewing the text of the book on Silvertop (even though it says ebook not available) - I want to avoid a trip to Newcastle library if possible
The link should take you to Google Books online viewer so you can read it there. Not my favorite thing but it works well for what it is.
Thanks Joel.

Do you mean the link in the earlier post?

That takes you to the page concerning the book, and it shows Chapter Headings, but the text has not been digitised, or they haven't obtained clearance to provide it. The only other alternative is to get a hard copy from Newcastle library.

Google has found me an online text.

Many thanks.
Let me know if you want the pages from the Google book version.

Thanks Jonathan. I have now found it on the Internet Archive courtesy of Harvard Uni.
Hi John, is this the sword how listed at bonhams, michael
Yes, it is. I understand it is being auctioned in July.
Hi john it was interesting to see the sword up for sale, i asked bonhams for more information and pictures, they just send me pictures of the grip and scabbard and forgot to say that the blade was bad, its a pity its a great looking weapon.
Michael, the very little I know about swords has been learnt over the past few months, researching this piece. I specialise in vinyl records ( and came to represent the owner of the sword quite by accident.

I would assume that there is some method of cleaning/restoring the sword, and if there is I am sure Bonhams will be doing this. I cannot give you a reason as to why they have excluded pictures of the blade, I assume its work in progress prior to ther sale.

I agree it is a special sword, that much I have discovered when conducting research.
Prosser 1818 sword
[ Linked Image ]
John, I think you're right. The Prosser sword requires cleaning especially the blade.
I wonder how the sword would look like after its blade was cleaned.
Just an update: the sword sold as is (without cleaning) for 14,000 at Bonhams a couple of weeks ago.

Quite pleased with the final sale price.
Man, that's one fancy sword. It must have been dazzling when it was brand new.

*is a sucker for bling*

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