Owain Glyndwr
I have been researching my Welsh background and this impressive figure, Owain Glyndwr, keeps popping up. I have read a little about him and have watched a couple of documentaries but now I'm ready to read a good historical text about him. I'm very limited with my time and therefore don't have as much time as I would like to read for pleasure, so I have to be selective. I'm very curious about which book might be the best to read about Glydwr, If anyone has any suggestions or experiences I will be in your debt.

There aren't too many books about Glendower. I haven't read these, but offer them up for your consideration -

J. E. Lloyd wrote a biography of him in 1931. It won't be easy to find.

The Revolt of Owain Glyn Dwr by R. R. Davies over at Amazon is described as a somewhat dry read for the serious Medieval student.
There is actually a fair amount of information on the internet about the man. Much more than surfaces in Shakespeare's Henry IV. The times and events as Henry IV rose to power encompass some of Gyndwr's history. He is largely glossed over in history books but the scope of his life covered some decades.

I'm very limited with my time and therefore don't have as much time

I don't think one book or link would cover it all but I have to say that what time you put into such research is what you will get out of it. One might as well start with Wikipedia if one is looking for a synopsis. The Wikipedia page does at least link to some further reading at one's leisure.



my Christian name and grandfather's linked to the history

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