I have for sale a pair each of the 14th century elbow cops and knee cops with rondels we used to make. Both elbows and knees are made from 16 gauge steel with a medial ridge, are lined with leather and have 1/4 inch of cotton batting padding between the leather and steel. Elbows and knees both have eyelets set on either side to allow for pointing and are strapped as well, including hand made buckles and steel strap ends with light decorative file and chisel work. The rondels on the elbows are 4 1/4 inches, those on the knees are 5 inches. I am 17.5 inches at the knee and 12 3/4 inches around the elbow and these fit me fine. I'd like to get $65 plus shipping for the knees and $60 plus shipping for the elbows which is a good bit less than we used to sell these for.

Feel free to ask any quetions. Paypal, check or money order is fine.

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spaulder buckle reduced.jpg