Knights of the 15th. cent.
Hello my fellow enthusiasts,

I am looking for a picture of how the typical knight looked at the beginning and the end of the 15th. cent.
The picture(s) should be clear and informative and of course absolutely correct.

Can someone help me out?

Thanks a lot in advance!

That question would require a clarification - which area of Europe you are interesed in? There are a lot of regional variations.
You are absolutely right! Central Europe - emphasis on the east of France and Southern Germany.

Thanks for your help.

Some quick ones:

[ Linked Image ]

Those are large, so links only:,44559,sprawdz...aldem.html

If someone sees something those Gents had potentially screwed, inform, obviously. ;-)

EDIT: All of those show early 15th, naturally.
I take it you know these two from Durer, but I'll post them anyway:
That's a very big question, with no single answer.Try running a search here, you can search by date and country.
Armour varied dramatically over the 15th century, both by date and by region. (Look at effigies or surviving pieces, rather than modern reproduction armour.)
Thanks for the link - that is a good start.

Of course I know the pictures of Dürer, I just forgot about them.
Thanks for remembering me!

best wishes


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