Impact Weapon
I am proud to say that today I ordered my first impact weapon. A 16th century German mace, which I smugly admit that I got for 1/2 price. In the world of mathmatics this might well mean that it will be twice as effective.
Such a tease. Where are the pics?
I just now got the notice that it shipped today via UPS. Got'ta get my hands on it first. :)
I believe this is in reference to Windlass's Deal of the Day, the 16th Century German Mace, as seen here at Kult of Athena:

It was my first impact weapon as well, unless you count various sticks and staffs I've played with over the years. It seems to be a nice piece as far as I can tell. The main issues I had were the black finish and that the hilt felt too thick. Acetone put paid to the finish and I pulled off the leather to reduce the thickness of the hilt. I have plans to do something of a diagonal wire wrap to further "improve" it. (I'm starting to feel a need to do a little work on all my pieces, to make them something more than the stock model.)
Dan Howard ... You wanted a picture of my in route mace, and Colt Reeves was kind enough to provide one. I did not get it from the place providing the picture tho.

Oh, that is a good looking rig you are armored in in the picture above.
I have just today received my new 16th cent. German mace. The only blimishes noted are two small scrapes on the leather handle cover at the very bottom, and that may prove to be some sort of glue.
Otherwise ... this thang ain't noth'in but a bone crusher. By design, it has only one function and that is to break bone. Keeping in mine that a skull is built of several bones. A cheap helmet would not be mush protection against this thing.
"OUCH ! "
I can now say, happily, that I have just ordered my second impact weapon. An English war hammer, and , smugly, I got it for half price too this week end.
Be cautious when using the hammer. The wood handle is not a very hard wood and will shatter w/use.
Thank you Phil D.
I have been growing some bow wood ( horse apple ) in Tennessee for about 10 years. This might be the time to put some of it to good use.

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