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Offering my three year old Scottish Sgian Achles knife, made by Kyle Willyard of Old Dominion Forge. Kyle hand forges, hand draw files, and in every other way totally makes his knives by hand, no power tools, in a replica 18th century blacksmith shop. This knife, which is similar to 17th - 18th century European utility knives, has been irregularly aged, has a poured pewter bolster, and decorative jimping on the blade back. Antler handle, steel washer cap and peened pommel. Comes with a vegetable tanned leather sheath. Can be worn on a belt or on a thong around the neck tucked in the armpit of a weskit. Has seen a little use, but will outlast your grand kids. Stats are:

Overall length: 10.5"
Blade: 6"

New this knife and sheath was $315, asking $225, shipping included. Please feel free to make an offer. Thanks for looking!