Medieval studies
So my main interest in history and the medieval period is the third crusade. However, I love the medieval period overall, and my main interest is te evolution of armor and weaponry from early periods to the end of the use of the sword. I am currently a college student and am hoping to study swords and armor in my future. What major or path do you guys recommend I take? I am currently a dual major in history and metallurgy, should I continue with history? Or should I add an archeology minor to it?
Any advice?

Thank you
Medieval studies
I think you should continue with history, Roberto.
As an American, you should go for history, archaeology is treated differently in America vs. Europe.
I recently graduated college myself and I had very similar interests, though I am primarily interested in armour. I majored in history and minored in Medieval and Renaissance studies. I went to a small school so it was easy to incorporate my martial interests in papers where I had more control of the subject. My senior project looked at 16th century views on the usage of armour, and I posted it here on myArmoury, so I was able to fit my interests into my education. I would continue with the history major. You may want to consider an art history minor, as the evolution of armour fits nicely there.
I majored in History and Art myself back when I went to school some ten years ago. I think regardless of what you want to do, you should have a plan for what you're going to do outside of college. if you don't have to make a decision right away, research it, and I think a huge part of the college experience and working in your field afterward - is internship. I didn't get my teaching degree therefore, my history degree was rather irrelevant after I graduated (something to think about).

years later, now seeing the corporate working life, I think the metallurgy degree will benefit you more, especially if you can get some kind of engineering background with it. I work a production line job, and you cannot believe the difference in salary between myself (average blue collar worker), and a fresh out of school engineer.
Re: Medieval studies
Roberto E. wrote:
to the end of the use of the sword.

That might get a little hard to define. The sword still played a significant part in some cavalry actions in China and Eastern Europe well into the 1930s, (Communist) Chinese cavalry still practiced charging with swords into the 1970s, and swords still see some use in irregular cavalry warfare (especially bandit raids) in Africa today....

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