Advice on working titanium plate
Hey all, new here, i'm currently fighting for Britain in HMB tournaments and i've got hold of some titanium plate (0.6, 1, 1.2 and 1.6mm). I'm looking to hybrid some bits of my armour and i'm currently working on my splint legs, the left leg has taken a pounding from doing 1v1 fights and i'm wanting to reinforce it with a 1mm piece of plate over the most troublesome area. I was thinking of keeping the plate as it was, removing the splints on the inside and just forming it to the shape of my thigh.
I knew it'd be tricky but it's proving harder than i thought, any advice from any of you? Even a point in the right direction for different resourses/forums would be greatly appreciated
Hey Timmy, how to go about shaping the titanium depends on what metal working tools and equipment you have to work with, and your experience level on making armor. If you can provide this information it would be a great help. Titanium is hard to work on usually because of it's properties, you can crack it if you go about shaping it wrong, and you can ruin it's metallurgical structure if you heat the metal improperly if you try and work the metal hot.
I would also recommend you go ask the people on The Armour Archive, there are a great many armorers who can give you good advice on working with titanium. Here is the link: The best place to ask would be the armor design and construction sub forum.
I think if you go to and do a search for titanium you will find a whole bunch of stuff about working it. I have some titanium armour, it works a lot like steel, but not the same. cops for instance have to be worked hot, and titanium gives off some nasty vapors. Nasty as in, the next morning I will be riffling though your pockets for lose change.

look up mrks that is the name of the guy that makes my armor on armour archive, he is really friendly and can help you out a lot more than I can. Here is a search of mrks and ti,

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