Some Rapier Eye-candy from the Wallace Collection
I was going through the photos in the Wallace Collection website and thought you would like to see some of them. I wish there were more photos showing different aspects of the swords.

 Attachment: 144.2 KB
A532 - Ger. or Spanish - 1620-1640
OL- 94.5cm
Width -2.4cm
Wt. - 1.15kg

 Attachment: 122.3 KB
A540 - Italy, c. 1535
OL - 110.8cm
Width - 2.3cm
Wt - 1.07kg

 Attachment: 147.06 KB
A606 Wallace.jpg
A606 - c. 1625
OL - 95.2cm
Width - 2cm
Wt. - 1.28kg

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a631 Wallace.jpg
A631 - c. 1610-1625
OL - 114.3cm
Width - 4.3cm
wt. - 1.145kg

 Attachment: 126.69 KB
A639 Wallace.jpg
A639 -
Hilt - Scandinavian, Blade-Ger.
Wt. - 1.39kg

 Attachment: 152.82 KB
A641 Wallace.jpg
A641 -
Hilt-English c. 1630, Blade-Ger. c. 1700
OL - 112.3cm
BL - 92cm
Wt. - 1.29kg

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A644 Wallace.jpg
A644 - Ger. - c. 1630
OL - 105.7cm
Wt. - 2.4cm
Wt - 1.36kg

The new Wallace Collection book and digital USB drive, Masterpieces of European Arms and Armour in the Wallace Collection and Complete Digital Catalogue of European Arms and Armour shows these swords and all the others with multiple angles and details! The project appears to have been a monumental undertaking that resulted in a breathtaking final presentation.
Thanks to Roger for sharing the photos and Nathan for sharing the link! I think I know what book I'm going to be suggesting for my birthday present soon... :lol:

Great to see pictures of the Wallace Collection blades when they aren't obscured behind glass.

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