Scythian armour terms
I'm trying to find Scythian terms for various armour and clothing components - cuirass, shield, helmet, trousers, boots, etc. The only Scythian term I can turn up is baslyk which is a type of helmet associated with Scythians.
I think just "akinak" survived the time. For the others I would try to find the persian examples.

To what term does that word apply? I'm aware of akinakes which was a Persian word for a sword that they adopted from the Scythians.
Oh, ok. Than maybe "gorythos"?

I spend a lot of time to study the steppe history and it's cultural antropology, but from the nomadic languages of the scythian tribeunion I know mainly just some of their king's names.

Do you know maybe how the persians and greeks called their weapons/equipments of scythian origin?
No I have very little. I'm completely stuck.
Have any Scythian written records survived to begin with?
You could search for an english-, or russian-ossetian dictionary. Ossets are living in the Caucasus, and are known as descended from some alan (sarmatian) tribes. Surely they language was strongly influenzed from other caucasian and from the turcic languages, but it is of iranian origin.

Try PMing Christian Cameron here on the site, he's done a lot of research in this area for his books.

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