Howdy, folks.

Here are the daily updates I have posted on and the facebook fan page over the past month:

Cobra Steel Spartan xiphos (featured 02/22)
Cobra Steel falcata (featured 02/21)
Tinker Pearce Viking sword - blunt (featured 02/20)
Socketed broadaxe (featured 02/19)
Swiss baselard dagger (added 02/18)
antique African throwing axe (featured 02/17)
War hammer (featured 02/16)
U.S. Model 1860 Naval cutlass (fresh pictures 02/15)
Great bascinet (featured 02/14)
13th century sword belt (featured 02/13)
Assam Rifles regimental kukri (featured 02/12)
Fluted buckler (featured 02/10)
Roman pugio dagger (featured 02/10)
Afghani Khyber knife (featured 02/09)
French M1830 cavalry saber (featured 02/08)
'Practical' Norman sword - second generation (added 02/07)
Flat-sided sgian dubh (featured item 02/06)
Viking utility sax (featured 02/05)
Gothic sallet with bevor (featured 02/04)
GDFB training spear winged blade (featured 02/03)
Hunter's companion Bowie knife (featured 02/02)
Norman helmet - antiqued (on closeout 02/01)
Thirty Years' War military rapier (on closeout 01/31)
German sallet - 14ga (fresh pictures 01/30)
Spangenhelm w/10ga nasal (fresh pictures 01/29)
Austrian longsword (fresh pictures 01/28)
German longsword (featured 01/27)
Archer's gambeson - black (featured 01/26)
Cobra Steel jambiya (featured 01/25)
Italian longsword (featured 01/24)
Tinker Pearce Great Sword of War (featured 01/23)

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And here it is, your quote of the month:

Who can separate a man from his sword? One is worth nothing without the other. -- Kalevipoeg