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I have this sword sitting around, that has only seen action once during a small sparring match in my group. No damage to the edge, just one or two small scratches on the finish from an incoming blade. Damage to the finish can easily be fixed. This item is being discontinued and is becoming hard to find. This sword sells new for $150, and some are listed on ebay for $200 now that it is being discontinued. I was hoping to get $140 for this sword, and as a bonus can offer a get dressed for battle buckler that has only seen action on one occasion. These are two brand new items, shipped that would total out to almost $200. Your getting it shipped for $140. So send me a message or a best offer. I can sell the sword without the buckler. Just thought for training purposes it would be a nice match.

Payment only through paypal or money order.

Image of sword for those who are wondering

The buckler is a standard 12 inch model. All items were purchased recently before the announcement was made of the swords being discontinued. Items are in wonderful condition,