16th. Century Wundes Sword
I have what I believe is a 16th. Century sword by Wundes the Elder. This sword was found in a barn in North Dakota. One side has 3 marks [ Wundes ? ] a 3 stroke mark on tang resembling a K. The other side has the same 3 marks with a newer looking mark on tang that looks like a stylized P.
The blade is 36" long, width at hilt 1 1/4" slow taber toward end of blade. The hilt is 5 1/4". I would appreciate any commemts. Would it be a sin to rehilt it. As it is a bare blade. I'm having problems posting pictures.
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I can empathize with the uploading issues and if it appears to be hopeless, feel free to email me gcleeton@gmail.com Your camera should have settings and software that can help and there is a quick download at www.shrinkpic.com that can size images seamlessly. Alternately, upload to an image hosting site and share the pictures from there. There is an attachment faq that shows when you are posting. A simple quick and dirty upload site to share images on is www.tinypic.com

Wundes blades invariably have one of the various crowned king marks. Attached are a few pages others have shared to me.



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OT, but I love that Cornelius is listed as "Magician".
Wundes Sword
Glen, I emailed you some pictures, thanks for the help! Keith
Jonathan Hopkins wrote:
OT, but I love that Cornelius is listed as "Magician".

I have to wonder if some of the non king marks might belong to others than the core family. I had not gotten to look at the surname and family tree in its entirety and that is in part due to my own somewhat hamster brain approach to reasearch ;)

Here we go with what I can do on this end. I am afraid the raw size of them and settings affect pictures.

I think I see some kings :)



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Wundas Sword 001.jpg

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Wundas Sword 002.jpg

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Wundas Sword 003.jpg

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Wundas Sword 010.jpg

Wundes sword pictures
Glen, Thanks for posting the pictures for me I will try and get some clearer images posted. Keith
Some more pictures from Keith


I tried to get some better pictures part of the problem is that you can't see much detail in person. The sword was mounted probably a couple hundred years ago with a wood billy club like handle which was peened on that I removed. It has a wood scabbard with iron fittings and is marked with lines almost like a surveyers stick. I wonder if it was mounted to hide or make it appear as something else. Check out the pictures what do you think of the age, it is fairly heavy nice spring steel. I would call it a broadsword but my knowlege is limited.

Thanks again, Keith


It is still difficult to figure exactly which family member it was but something I do see as a bit ionterest in the stepped shoulder arrangement and that almost further looks like it could be a clad core composition of some sort. I am way out of my element for pre 18th century blades. We can, for sure say the crowned king mark ws sold to the Weyersburg fmily in the tail end of the 18th century but this blade looks way before that. I have a small file of marked blades but not one of this type (until now).



This came in while uploading

[i]"Picture of scabbard handle is toast I would like to have it rehilted."[i]

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