Windlass 1840 Bowie for a remake into a sax?
Hello! I'm offered one of these in a trade and I wonder if you guys think it would be worth it to put some money in it and convert it into a sax?
The only part that is marginally usable is the blade. Seems like a waste of a $160 value to me...

You can buy a seax blade from Albion for less and put your own hilt on it. if you want it as a Bowie knife that's one thing but I think it would be a waste to do what you're suggesting.
I wouldn't normally consider it, but I'm selling a knife I don't need and this Windlass Bowie is offered to me for a trade so I wouldn't be paying anything for it and I wouldn't mind striping it off its fittings and using just a blade. But if a consensus is that even blade is not really fitting for a sax, than I'll pass it. I do have a local knife maker here who could make me a nice sax for not too much money if I decide to go from a scratch.
The blade looks pretty good for that use, as long as you can get rid of the ricasso part of the blade and reshape the tang into a more seax-like deal. I would do it if the blade you are trading is worth 50$ or less to you.
Regardless of what YOU think of it, that knife is apparently worth $160 when new. So you should be able to sell it for, say, $125, or so. For that amount, you can get something better.

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