Spanish Cuirass of Duarte de Almeida
Hello everyone,

Three weeks ago I was reading Osprey #200 Men-at-Arms - "El Cid and the Reconquista 1050–1492"
and i found very interesting drawing of cuirass of Duarte de Almeida (point "B" in attachment).
Does somebody have more informations about it?
Maybe photos of sculpture or painting from which comes that piece of armour?
Can somebody help me?
Only what I know is comment for that illustration that it's ca. 1470-1475 and it is from Cathedral in Toledo.

Mike from Poland

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Cuirass of Duarte de Almeida.png

It's a trophy of the battle of Toro (1476). Duarte de Almeida was the Portuguese flag bearer. It's shown on a mannequin in the Cathedral itself, in the passage to the "reyes nuevos" chapel.

I don't know of any public photo of it :( , but I will PM you a photo I found time ago somewhere...

I don't know pictures about that armor too. I suppose that the treasures of the Cathedral of Toledo can't be photographed without permission, because the Catholic authorities are very jealous on their valuables.

But, if you are able to translate this Russian web, it's possible that you find some significant information: Notes on the Spanish armor, tenth to the fifteenth century. This is a translation of the James G. Mann article: Notes on the Armour worn in Spain from the tenth to the fifteenth century. Archaeologia Vol. 83. Published by the Society of Antiquaries of London 1933.

Duarte de Almeida is a Portuguese national hero, because he fought to defend their flag (holding it with his teeth, after he lost their arms), as Iagoba says, in the battle of Toro (1476). He was honored also by Castilians and, although he was taken prisoner, they treated his wounds, and some months later, he returned to Portugal.

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Huge thanks guys :) I am very grateful.

Mike from Poland
The cuirass is being showed in Dallas, accompanying the Pastrana Tapestries until the 13th May 2012.
Anybody will go to see it? If yes I will be very grateful for photos of that part of armour.

Mike from Poland
Awesome! I live in the DFW area, so I'll definitely check this out, probably the weekend after next. I'll make sure to bring my camera, Mike :)

edit: Never mind; the museum's website states "Photography is not permitted in the galleries": Oh well...

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