My new Crecy and scabbard
Well, back on October, I wrote a thread asking for advice and input on which Albion to purchase. Thanks for all the great replies and info in that thread. I decided my first (and only for a while) sword was going to be a Crecy. Mind you, this was after I rode my motorcycle from the coast of Central CA , all the way to Utah to visit Brian Kunz' shop at DBK Custom Swords. I'd never seen or held an Albion in person before that trip. The trip was meant to be an opportunity to narrow down which sword I wanted. In many ways, it made it much harder, not easier, to pick. :lol:

There were some surprise changes. I ended up not being thrilled with some models I thought I'd love, and I found others that I'd never even considered that REALLY impressed me. In the end, there was only one sword that truly "spoke" to me (more like shouted). Oddly, it was not even my favorite handling sword. But something about it just attracted me like flies to dung. A very short time later I got home and ordered my Crecy.

My Crecy arrived yesterday, along with the scabbard I'd commissioned from Brian. The scabbard is a work of art. It fits the Crecy like a glove. I asked Brian to have black belts, with a rich mahogany scabbard body. I asked for brass fittings, and a simple design, with very little in the way of decoration or tooling. Boy did he come through! I know I promissed this was going to be my one and only sword for a long time, but after getting this one, there is a Kingmaker and a second scabbard by Brian out there waiting for me somewhere. Soon, if I have anything to say about it. :lol:

I'll take some more pics, showing the entire scabbard and the whole blade, but here are a couple shots I snapped this afternoon:

[ Linked Image ]

[ Linked Image ]
Beautiful sword and the scabbard is another outstanding work of art by Brian. Congratulations!
Congratulations, The Crecy was my 1st sword too and I got a beautiful Scabbard from Brian as well (Swordless order). Itís so true, once you get one there is always another calling out to you :D

Donít forget to post in your Scabbard Picture thread :cool:

Ha! I said that deep down you wanted the big one. Beautiful sword and scabbard, congratulations.
Simply gorgeous. Congratulations!
Thanks for the kind words guys! And Paul, you bet I'll take some photos of it for the scabbard thread. ;) I've got to get some of me wearing it.

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