Historical Blank Blade Resources?
Looking to get into a few DIY projects. Starting small with knives and such. I was wondering if anyone knew of recommended places where I could buy blank blades that would work for historical knife and dagger types. Since I'm new at all this I'd like to keep the price down during the learning process and then perhaps, when I have more skill, buy some of the higher end blades. But I'm curious about what you folks would suggest for a beginner?
These are not very historical, but great for low-risk (cheap) tinkering: http://www.myArmoury.com/talk/viewtopic.php?t...ght=dagger

But I don't think you could beat one of these kits http://www.myArmoury.com/talk/viewtopic.php?t...ght=eating for beauty, historical accuracy, instruction and value.
Thanks Sean... it's nice to see others have jumped into this kind of stuff and have come up with some great designs!
You could try www.ragweedforge.com he has a bunch of Scandinavian knife blades that are pretty close to some medieval eating and utility knife types and can be modified to suit. They are also really sharp and hold an edge well.

I thought I saw something about Todstuff selling eating knife kits but can't find it on his webpage...

edit... here it is http://www.todsstuff.co.uk/theenglishcutler/k...knives.htm
Some of AC's modern blades can be modified to appear more traditional. Just finished this one. Not a great job, but whaddaya want for $18? :D Again, if you screw up one of these, it's no great loss to the world or your bank account.

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Owen Bush
I bought a seax blade from Owen Bush, he seems to makes small batches now and then, and I thought the price reasonable, and of course the service was impeccable.
Sean, which AC blade was that made from?

Jean-Carle, does Owen Bush have a website or contact info?
Allen Johnson wrote:
Sean, which AC blade was that made from?

Jean-Carle, does Owen Bush have a website or contact info?

Owen is a member here of the Makers and Manufacturers Forum and often posts here.

Here is his wed site: http://owenbush.co.uk/
that's the modified "fighter" blade. it's held at a slight angle here, so longer than it appears here. very light and thin.
You could pick up some cold steel machetes cheaply. Hack/grind off the handle material, and file/grind down the blade as you see fit.

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