Curious English Effigy 1344
I found this effigy of Sir Roger de Salaman, circa 1344 from Surrey, England. In his effigy he is wearing bracers that appear to be either scale or open faced brigandine and has a double layer of maille over his shoulders and upper arms. I have seen this double layer of maille in more than one effigy, all from the late 1330s to 1350 and was wondering what it is since he is obviously wearing a maille haubergeon. Picture here:
Something that appears to be scale bracers or similar protection is pretty clearly visible in some sources.

This topic has few good photos.

"Double mail" is very interesting, this could be interpreted simply as protection of forearms when wearer from some reason couldn't/didn't want to wear full maille sleeve.

However, presence of this scales as forearms protection makes this kind of superfluous, so it would appear to be actual double layer of mail covering the arms.

If this interpretation is correct, one has to wonder how much of the arms, or even some the rest of body (?) is covered by this double layer....
Exactly my question. My real question is whether he is wearing two maille shirts or if the sleeves are integral to some other form of body protection. He has floating cops, some strange rondel apparatus on his chest and dished spaulders. The rondels on his chest are either part of his jupon or laced through his maille if that helps fuel the fire of speculation. Here's Henri de Meudon also of 1344, but from France. He is pretty clearly wearing a brigandine and also has the mysterious 'double maille' sleeves.[/url]

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