A loose hilt during war?
My apologies for starting 3 new topics in a row, i just have thoughts running through my head right now.....

So today we have the persistant problem with crossguards starting to rattle, to come loose. Well what of original longswords shooting towards the late 15th century to early 16th century.

If a knight was in a series of battles and his hilt came loose... would this pose a major problem? or would he carryy on just like everything was A. O.K?

Or would he seek out someone to fix the problem before any mortal combat ensued...

Your thoughts?
Not as likely to happen. Many modern swords are poorly-fit anyway and also use compression assembly, in which the cross is held by the grip, which is held by the pommel, which is held by a nut or peen. If the nut or peen loosens, everything loosens. If you look at excavated swords you often see the pommel and cross tightly in place, with the grip missing. The pieces are secured independently. But even if a sword was made by compression and loosened in the field there would be ample opportunity to tap the peen a few times with a farrier's hammer if nothing else, and on campaign I think there would have been some sort of formal arms and armour service.

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