This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

I've a few projects to get underway so clearing the decks of a few sharps and other bits.
Make me an offer, prices include UK P&P.

Ron Curley blankfirer pistol- from the original batch that he made before retiring. No licence required in the UK ( but common sense is when outside the home with it) 200

Hanger- original 1765 blade and sheath, antler and brass fittings are modern 150

Tomahawk and sheath 25

Bellybox- buff leather with wooden liner. Made by Adolphus 50
Waterbottle- probably made by Tod Booth 30

Black full length cloak. Hook and eye fastening with lions heads chains. I suspect it is a former piece of clerical attire. 50

Smallsword, sheath and hanger. Hilt cast from an original in brass, balde is oval in section, roughly 32" long, sheath in stained red leather with brass fittings and GG Godwin hanger 250

Akansas Toothpick. 12" dirk blade (blunt) with brass and wood grip. 65

Cutlass. Original klewang-style blade reground to shape. Iron hilt with antler grip. 200

Cold Steel Perfect Balance throwing Bowie- missing handle scales but with sheath 25