For Sale: Jody Samson sword
This listing is marked SOLD and is no longer available

I have a couple of pieces by Jody Samson. One of them he named (comes with certificate with signature) "The SKEKSIS BROADSWORD" The fittings are investment cast Bronze from his wax originals carved by Jody and resembles the Skeksis from the movie "The Dark Crystal" on each handle guard. The blade has a wide base and comes to a good thrusting point. Weight around 3 lbs. The steel is 5160 and has been hand ground by Jody with deep tapering fuller. Blade length is 31" , overall length is 41".The piece is dated 0103 and has only his signature on it.The handle was wrapped in braided leather by his apprentice Mark Grzybowski who now has his own shop called OLLIN SWORD DESIGN.
Along with the broadsword Jody gave Mark a Conan sword that Mark made into a spear he named the SCARAB SPEAR. The length of the spear is approx. 84" and the spearhead 21". And a Jody Samson short sword or dagger named "VIKING JAMBAYA", deep hollow ground edges and a deep fuller wrapped in genuine black ray-skin The fittings are flame-darkened steel cast from Jody’s hand carved wax originals and modified with hand file work. The overall length is 20 1/2, blade length
14 1/4", weight 1.8 lbs. it has his signature and his mark. And though the dagger blade is curved and the sword is straight, they both share the same grind. Finally the last piece I have been made by custom-swords by a man name Christian Michaels, He specializes in axes, maces, swords that are very unique and very high quality. I believe he went out of business because of the time it took just to make one piece. The one I owned was the Dragon hammer ax. Approx. 24 1/2, edge is 5" with a back point o f3 1/2" overall head length is 10" and approx.4 lbs. in weight. It has a steel sleeve that runs down 6" with is held by three steel rods and a solid steel ball on the end, ash handle with leather wrap.( I've never seen any ax the looks even :) close to this. I'll try and get pictures online . The Broadsword $1200.00 Scarab spear $500.00 The shortsword $800.00 and the ax by christian Michaels $350.00
For Sale: Jody Samson Swords w/pictures
This listing is marked SOLD and is no longer available

Here are the pictures of the items(Jody Samson swords, Scarab Spear, And Ax.
Price for the sword $1200.00. short (dagger)sword $800.00
Scarab Spear $500.00
Ax $350.00 Other pictures are available.

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sold; Jody Samson Swords
This listing is marked SOLD and is no longer available

All the Jody Samson sword,etc have been sold.
I want to thank all those that show interest in the Jody Samson pieces, I want to personally thank Mr. Nathan Robinson
for allowing me to post these items on his forum. I will continue to read and contribute to this site when possible. Again thanks to all and keep the faith in steel....Phil

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