This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

I received this beautifully made pattern welded sword this week. Michael is one of my favorite smiths. I own five of his blades. I have handled it much the past few days, and to be honest, just canít warm to it. I guess that I just prefer heavier blades.

I had intended this to be the center of my small collection, but..... The best option may be to exchange it for a different blade as I canít afford two in this price range.

The sword listed at $3000, I ended up paying $2025 total for it. Since I am still selling off part of my collection to pay for it, I can not sell it at a loss. Due to this market. high end swords rarely sell, of if they do at a fraction of their value, so this may give someone a chance to get a new sharp pointy thing to play with without great outlay.

But I would put it out there for a possible trade for a custom pattern welded migration/Anglo Viking blade at the same price break. Or partial trade for one retailing at a little less. This is all I collect

Pictures and articles on the sword appear here:

As I said, it is a stunning blade