Hello Everybody:

It occured to me to share with all forumites of myArmoury.com a radio show I enjoy listening to every week here in San Antonio, Texas on our classical music radio station. The title of the program is "Musica Antiqua" hosted by Gerald Self. It is on the air every wednesday at 9:00 - 10:00 PM central standard time in the USA.

It is a rare connection to the time periods whose history we enjoy. I have heard recorder pieces, music for lutes, the orphian (?), the vielle, harpsichord, etc. I recall hearing a piece composed by Henry VIII. Sometimes choral music is featured like gregorian chants and other styles. One program featured pieces composed during Spanish colonial South America. It was colonial Bolivian music I think. The latest period music I've heard was composed during the 1700s and was featured last week. It was music from the courts of Berlin, Stuttgart, and Hannover (I think). A flute piece composed by Frederick the Great of Prussia was played. Of course, Italian and Spanish renaissance music has been featured too from time to time. Another program featured French chansons.

Again, the program is titled "Musica Antiqua" wednesday nights at 9:00 pm CST. You can listen to this program via the internet at www.tpr.org. Click on the purple "listen now" box on the left, and then choose an option under the first section that says "Listen live to KPAC San Antonio - Classical Oasis." I use the Windows Media option.

Enjoy and happy listening!