New Viking Shield
Have been working on some new shield ideas for a while now and finally have a good prototype. New shield is made from 1/4" thick planks of poplar. Face is covered with a thick canvas and the back is covered in natural linen. Rim is brown leather which is sewn on and also has riveted copper clips. Shield boss is hammered 14ga steel and comes with linen boss pad. Handle is cedar and has leather covered grip. Boss and handle are riveted on. Includes removable leather carry strap. Shield is 28" in diameter and weighs about 6lbs without the shoulder strap. There will probably be a couple small changes yet to this design, but this is pretty close to what we want to offer. Look forward to hearing some feedback.

This prototype is available for sale on the website and there are also a few more pictures:

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Looks slick, Jim. I like the details, particularly the little bits of embossing on the rim clips.

Might I suggest using 16 gauge for the boss, and maybe working it slightly deeper? Most historical bosses seem to be pretty light and deeply dished - at least a full semi-circle in dimension, or so. It would separate your work more profoundly from various stock shield designs floating around and make it more accurate. Cheers!


(p.s. I know that 14 gauge is probably desirable for those fighting with their shields to prevent denting, but I doubt many people would fight with a 1/4" poplar plank shield this pretty - seems more like a nice, historical display/costume piece to me!)
Mr. Adelsen,

I like everything about this shield except for one little thing: the strap! I know a shoulder strap is very much needed to avoid lugging a shield around all the time, but I just think that strap looks so much like a modern belt. I have noticed this is the case on others I have seen as well (like the one The Mercenary's Tailor used to offer). I'm not sure how a period strap and its accompanying hardware would have looked, though, but I just don't like a sort of modern, standard look to buckles and things. Changing this might not be feasible, but if possible, I think it would make for an even better shield! :)

I think the rest looks quite nice as you have it in the photo.
Thanks for the suggestions. I was planning to find some good Viking Age buckles for the strap. The ones now are modern but plain. For this version I just wanted to make sure I used buckles to attach it to the shield rather than something more modern.

The boss idea sounds good. I've always thought the big dome with the pronounced neck would be very cool. Just need to figure out how to make one.

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