Howdy, folks.

Here are the daily updates I have posted on and the
facebook fan page over the past month:

Light leather brigandine armor (on closeout, only a few left 10/22)
Henry V arming sword (featured 10/21)
Valiant Armoury 'The Savoy' longsword (added 10/20)
Cobra Steel talon knife (added 10/19)
Practical viking sword (featured 10/18)
Oakeshott type X arming sword (featured 10/17)
8th century Viking sword (featured 10/16)
16th century Scottish claymore (featured 10/15)
12th century sword of war (featured 10/14)
Tinker Pearce bastard sword - blunt trainer (featured 10/13)
Practical German longsword (featured 10/12)
Indian damascus steel khanjar dagger (listed on closeout 10/11)
Templar knight dagger (featured 10/10)
Swiss landsknecht baselard short sword (last call 10/09)
14ga German sallet with bevor (featured 10/08)
Spangenhelm w/10ga nasal (added 10/07)
Oakeshott type XIV arming sword (added 10/06)
M1833 US Dragoons saber (fresh pictures 10/05)
Renaissance hunting sword (added 10/04)
Italian longsword (fresh pictures 10/03)
Colichemarde sword (featured 10/02)
17th century Italian rapier (added 10/01)
Viking round shield (featured 09/30)
Aventail / camail / ventail (featured 09/29)
Yang saber - sharp version (featured 09/28)
Sinclair saber /cutlass / dusagge (fresh pictures 09/27)
Spiked war hammer (added 09/26)
English warhammer (added 09/25)
Scottish dirk - circa 1700 (featured 09/24)
Wood grip swept hilt rapier (featured item 09/23)

All of these listings can most easily be found linked on the Recent
Additions and Featured Items catalog page -

Quote of the month:

"The motives of men-at-arms can always be read as honourable. But those who fight primarily for gain must be careful lest they endanger the victory while they search for spoils or quarrel among themselves as they find them. Even the poor man-at-arms can be rich in honour. Better to spend goods in the search for honour than the reverse. Shame is the great fear of the true warrior; compared to loss of honour, death itself is a trifle." -- Geoffroi de Charney