Alan William's tests
Can anyone give me the citation info for, or at least which publications in which I might find, Dr. Alan William's tests of the relative efficiency of arms and armor? i would like to get my grubby little paws on them before I graduate and lose access to a university library. Thanks.

I've found this sites has some excerpts of the testing

The book is here:

Over $500, but of course much cheaper if it's available in your library :D
What I meant was the tests werein he dropped pointy things on armor to figure out whether or not a couched lance could piece a mailshirt, etc, etc. If that was in The Knight and the Blast Furnace I am going to be very disappointed - I already requested it, had to look through it in a hurry, and didn't see anything of the sort. The library isn't going to let me request it again. :(
That info, at least the results of testing, is about 3/4 down the paqge that I sent you.

It's rather brief unfortunately
All of Chapter 9 in The Knight and the Blast Furnace is relevant. Most of the chapter is about compromising plate armour but the mail test results are on pp. 942-943.

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