I'm looking for help on a German Statue. (Within the fotostream are more pictures, that might help)

My knowledge regarding armour is quit limited, although I have read a bit, so I'll make one or more mistakes within this topic and my statements (so be aware :) )
I'm afraid I don't know many of the correct vocabulary to describe the different parts of the armour.

The Armour looks somewhat "unusual" and I'm not sure if this is a real armour or just "art" (an artist depicting an armour).

IMHO it is no typical German armour. It's missing the Tassets and the Besegew (Schwebescheiben).
It's sporting a longer fault than I would have expect by an armour this late in the 15th century and I have no clue about the Pauldron either. Are the Pauldron just a Gardbrace?

Fromt the title I'd guess this armour belongs to a master craftsman and no knight.

So my questions are essentially:

    1) Is this a "real" armour, which was actually worn
    2) What type of armour is it? Italian for German export, German build but in Italien style...
    3) No clue of what parts the Pauldron consist

I'd appreciate help an comments.