LOTR Rohan swords
Hello all.

this is completely random, but i was wondering if any one has ever seen a reproduction of a Rohirrim sword from The Lord Of The Rings. these are truly beautiful sword designs i think. :) all i have ever seen were stainless steel wallhangers. :( i was wondering if there are any real replicas.

No, I've only seen the "official" stainless steel versions. I agree, those were my favorite designs from the films -- but then, as a fan of migration era/Viking era swords, that's probably to be expected.

However, I do have some possible options here...
1. The obvious: Go custom. Although you may not find an exact replica this way, you can probably come pretty darn close. John Lundemo is one name that pops in my head as someone who would do a nice job of this. Jake Powning is another.
2. Make one yourself! No, seriously. Find a nice loose blade, something along the lines of a type X. Actually, I think Albion's Decurio spatha blade would make a great Rohirrim sword blade, maybe they might have one in the "Moat sale" or as a bare blade or whatever. If you find that creating a hilt is beyond your talents (and I wouldn't blame you, it's certainly beyond mine) you might send the blade to be hilted by someone, like Christian Fletcher.
3. The "Lazy and lame" option: Get a migration-era/Viking-type sword and call it good. The Decurio spatha (mentioned above) would make a nice Rohirrim sword stand-in, as is. YMMV.
Brendan Olszowy currently has this Rohan sword available for immediate purchase, as well as being more than capable of creating a new custom version of a different flair:


Brenno's LOTR swords are great. He also frequently collaborates with Jeffrey Robinson for cast-bronze hilt pieces, if the wood is not your cup of tea. Check his swords of Film & Fable section for more examples of what he can do:
LOTR Rohan swords
thanks for these opinions, i suppose that another option might be to buy a United Cutlery sword and use its hilt on another sword.

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