For Sale: New Valiant Armoury Hedemark
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I really hate to see this one go. It's a just-out-of-the-box Valiant Armouries Hedemark, in brown. This is a lovely sword - quick, authoritative, well-balanced and sharp. I only received it today. If I hadn't decided to play a few centuries older than this I would never think of giving it up.

Of course I've done no cutting with it, but I'm convinced it would cut really, really well. One the links below is a review from a fellow who did some cutting with his. Of all the forms with which I've trained I've done sword-and-shield the most, and this sword is one of very few that handles like such a sword should. My personal temper test - a sidewise slap on the pommel - shows it to have a fine spring temper as the blade wobbles in a nice sinusoidal curve.

The scabbard is the best I've ever handled that I didn't make myself. The sword draws one-handed, which is a requirement of mine, and there is a leather baldric included.

I'm about to go out and take some pictures, but many people here already know the Hedemark. There are make-and-model pictures here:
and here:

The best price I can find on the 'net for this sword is $383.95 and that one is back-ordered. But if you'll pay shipping I'll put it back in the box and send it to you for $330, plus shipping.

If you were wanting one of these this is a good opportunity to save some money. If you weren't you haven't handled one. I should say that I would consider a trade for a Celtic sword of the La Tene period, but it would have to be good.

Thanks for reading.
This listing is marked SOLD and is no longer available

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One nice feature of this sword is that is one of the few Nordic swords that I've seen that actually has enough room for a normal-sized hand:
[ Linked Image ]

[ Linked Image ]
This listing is marked SOLD and is no longer available

Price reduced to $320.

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