Another Kirpichnikov Type I Mace
Yet another Kirpichnikov Type I mace:

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* mace-head height x diameter - 45 x 70 mm
** mace-head mass - 345 gr
*** overall length - 61 cm
**** steel - St45 (steel with 0.45% Carbon content)

The technology remains the same, but in difference with the first one (this topic I introduced some minor, but very important changes.

They helped me to decrease the mace-head mass dramatically (and believe me - 75 gr less is an enormous difference). Now, the knobs are more elongated at the base (with diamond rather than almost square bases) and this makes the head historically more accurate. And the last, but not least, the hole for the shaft is conical rather than cylindrical - this facilitates the locking of the shaft with an wooden wedge.

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Great stuff, nice to see some more earlier maces project.

And yeah, those knobs were sometimes surprisingly light, especially compared to what many people imagine about maces!
Great workmanship as usual from you. :D :cool:

As mentioned really lighter than expected but then even light headed maces hit with great effect and are faster to use and recover from a miss than an overly ponderous head.

In later periods where armour may have been heavier or at least covered more parts of the body maybe one needed a bit more weight to make an impression ? ;) :lol:

I know that my A&A Spiked mace is challenging if one has to suddenly change it's trajectory or recover from a miss ! But if it does " connect " it's pretty much game over and it would be hard to parry or deflect I think.

These lighter maces are meant to defeat much lighter levels of protection and to be fast in use I think.

The geometry of the head is also very aesthetically pleasing. :D :cool:

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