Any recommendation for places of interest - Prague?
Hello all, looking for places of interest in Prague and its surroundings. I was in Prague before, at that time the Military Museum was closed for renovation. Is it good? Any other collections of arms & Armour around Prague? Shows? Going to rent a car so travelling 200 km should not be a problem. Thanks.
I've also been there once but unfortunately did not make it to any museums. I would like to pass along one tip though if you are a beer drinker. When you cross Charles bridge, there is a huge set of stairs climbing up to the cathedral (which of course is a must-see). About 2/3 of the way up on the left side, there is a monastery-run brewery. They have a small terrace overlooking the river valley and spires of the city. Maybe it was the long walk up the stairs, but that beer was darned good!

I can't remember the name of the place, but its probably in the guide books. Well, there is my Prague moment to share.
You absolutely want to go to the castle. While it is light on some of the arms and armor, it does have a few amazing artifacts (including the alleged helmet and mail of St Wenceslas). There is also a fantastic hall there that was used for martial training and jousting, and I've decided that if I ever win the lotto then I want to build a fencing school that is an exact replica of it. :)
As previously mentioned, Castle Prague is a must see! :)

Just as you reach the end of the Charles Bridge (castle side) look down to your right. Below you will see a restaurant that has the best food, drink and atmosphere on the planet. I still have dreams about my last meal there. :D

All my travels were by foot and train so I was unable to get out to the countryside or museums.
Places of interest - Prague?

If you have time and can get access; suggest you try the Eyewitness Travel Guides series. They are extremely well illustrated with much detail, excellent text, and loads of "bird's eye view " maps. The current Prague version lists many places of interest that provide for great "day trips". Has equally good listings of out of the ordinary places and another plus ... printed in several languages.

The brewery J.D. is referring to is probably St. Thomas's. Beer was first brewed here by the Augustine monks in 1352.
If you like beer don't miss it!

Thanks for the hints - freshly-brewed Czech beer is a must of course. Last time we went to U-Fleku, today proabaly a large turist trap but the beer was great nevertheless. The cathedral was closed as well but we did visit the Prauge medieval city museum that hold fascinating things, just a small array of arms but among them an interesting collection of flails. BTW the Czech ministry of turism operates a large web site-guide in several languages, also in Hebrew... :cool:
Yes, too bad Prague is so overun by us tourists, but still what a beatiful city. It must be particularly interesting for person of Jewish background to visit the old cemetary etc...a lot of great history and legends. Another highlight for me was to visit the places where Kafka grew up, if one is into his writings. Wish I'd seen more, but was kind of sick at the time. Have fun!
About 50 km outside of Prague: Archduke Ferdinand's chateau at Konopiste

The Duke collected an amazing amount of arms & armor. (the wiki page linked above says it's the third largest collection in Europe.)

A definite must-see!
Hal Siegel wrote:
About 50 km outside of Prague: Archduke Ferdinand's chateau at Konopiste

The Duke collected an amazing amount of arms & armor. (the wiki page linked above says it's the third largest collection in Europe.)

A definite must-see!

Thanks Hal! I've already seen a reference regarding this place with just a short say about the arms collection, so I scrached my head if this worth the travell. Expect some photos when I'm back :D

I believe you should visit the attic of the Schawrzenberg Palace because the exhibition of military museum came back there. You can check some pictures here. Enjoy!;album=659
Well, you can also visit the Saint Agnes Monastery and Schternberg Palace. There are good collections of medieval art in these both places. And of course City Museum is worth to see as well.
You can find more information here:

Well, I'm back. The exhibition in the Schawrzenberg Palace is fabolus - it is an exhibition rather a permanent collection, by the name "Imperial Armoury", Austro-Hungarian arms & armor from the 15th century to the 19th century. over 550 items in a modern show, large part can be viewed from 360 degrees.
Didn't manage to get in Konopiste but did go (by a local recommendation) to Hluboka palace - very nice Tudorean castle that had been transformed to English fashion by one of its previous owners. Good armory collection with an extremely interesting 15th century two-handed saber-flamberge. On the very first day I paid a visit to Ing. Jiri Krondak at Fabri Armorum. If there is interest regarding other places with great architecture and historic significance - please tell and I'll be happy to post here.

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