armour from Piotr Feret
Early this year I ordered a full suite of 14th Cent. armour from Platener Reproduction Armour. It has now all arrived and I thought I would write and let everone know how it went.
I ordered full legs, sabotons, full arms. gauntlets and a globus breastplate. It came in two shipments and was packaged extremely well, and they were fairly big packages.
Piotr had given me dates when each shipment would be ready and he kept to these dates very well.
The armour itself is well made(nothing fancy, although I could have gone that way) and made out of 1.5mm steel.
Piotr sent great pictures as things were finished plus he also made a few suggestions which were definitely to my benefit.
I sent my measurements and knowing that I couldn't go in for fittings, they were very precise. But of course, I wasn't expecting a perfect fit. Well, the first time I tried the leg harness, I couldn't believe how well they fitted and movement was not restricted in any way and the weight was nothing. Same for the arm harness and breastplate.
I want to congratulate Piotr for a very pleasant transaction and I would recommend him to anyone very highly. It really was a pleasure to deal with him.
I hope to send some pictures in a few weeks, which will show off this beautiful suit of armour.
And the prices? Coul you give the price of every single item please?
I would rather not discuss what I paid for the armour, but I will say it was very reasonable.
It really depends on what you want and that you should discuss with Piotr. (
He is pretty quick to respond.
;) looking forward to the photos, itís great when your expectations are met.

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