This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

A group of blades for sale. If you want more info or pictures just PM me. Personal check is OK just got to wait to clear or PayPal as second option will work for payment. 5 days to inspect and return if not totally satisfied. Have moved up in my time period and hate to say it, but I just do not like the dirk or dudgeon grips!

All English walnut with steel and brass furniture on all pieces. Aged finish on all. Drilled, filed and burned in and epoxy set handles with threaded and penned tang on the dirk, blade length 8 1/2" out of full ¼” stock - total length 13".

Hand hammered studs on the sgain, 8" total length, left rough from the forge, originally started with a piece of 5/32" x 4" piece. tang is burned in and held with epoxy as well. As close as I could come to the one in Tom McDonald’s album here on myArmoury. The sgain and early dirk have filed spines.

Bye knife and fork are both tempered 1095 total length on each is 6 1/2".

$235 plus shipping for this entire set. I would rather keep together as a set, unless someone can talk me out of selling as a lot. Then price would be $145 for dirk, $65 for sgain and $45 for the bye knife and fork set. All stated cost plus whatever it takes to ship to you.