Your last non-sword acquisition
There is a long-running topic for showing off the last sword you purchased, but swords are just one facet of my collection and there does not appear to be a similar topic for posting other items people have added to their collections so I thought I would start one.

The axes, while not strictly my last acquisition, only showed up a few weeks ago so I figured I would include them. These are based on viking axes and were made by Jim Austin, the type G (top axe) was custom made for me, the type L was one he had available that I could not resist.

The bronze knife is a reproduction of a late bronze age knife from Kvarsebo, Sweden and was made by Jeroen Zuiderwijk. He had already made a copy for himself which I admired, and had a spare blade he was able to finish up for me. This is my first bronze weapon and I like it, the bronze just seems more interesting to look at than steel.

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Jim Austin Finished axes front.jpg

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My last was a Vince Evans Scottish Dirk.

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An unusual antique Japanese hachiwari, with an handle (tsuka) and tang (nakago) made in the manner of a traditional Japanese sword. A heavy massive truncheon with a sharp point.

I believe it was this old MRL/DT scramasax....

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My last non sword item in association was a book//pamphlet of George Washington's swords and camp equipment. I had stumbled on a copy at basically the cost shipping. This copy is a liitle tattered and scribbled on but more than readable and interesting.

As to arms. it would be a hammer I had traded into last fall and has been tuned up a bit since.



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Wash booklet 41WQzKwfOHL._SL500_.jpg

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I received this spearhead from Lukasz a couple of days ago, it is based on a find from Bergen in Norway and looks great. He has a few more he was also offering for sale here, and has posted a pattern welded spearhead tutorial, if you are interested. Overall length 36.5cm, leaf 4cm wide, socket 2.7cm wide.

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Shown with Arms & Armor's Viking spear for comparison.

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Lukasz is better with a camera than I am.
My wife got me this Lutel Halberd for Christmas. I will be mounting it soon...

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