Crusade's flavoured inscription
I'm thinking of customising one of my swords with a 1st Crusade style inscription on the cross. I've two main questions, which do you think would be more 'correct' ? Firstly, the inscription. Do you think a simple "Deus Vult" (God Wills) or "Quod Deus Vult" (That which God Wills) would be more likely ? I *think* Quod Deus Vult" is more grammatically correct Latin, but I'm thinking Deus Vult was the rallying call for the First Crusade ?
My second question is, what way "Up" do you think would be the likely way the engraving on the cross would be.? If you were holding the unsheathed sword in your hand, the point would probably be up, and the inscription would be facing up as one kissed the sword's cross. If one kissed a sheathed sword, the pommel would be uppermost and the inscription would read as if facing the pommel ? I hope I'm making sense here ?
Hank Reinhardt once wrote that you could pick out a "bearing sword", i.e. one which was made for display and ceremonial purposes only, if the inscription on the blade could be read most easily when you held it point upward. I suspect that might apply to other swords as well. So, if you have a choice you may want to consider having the inscription readable with the point down.

Just a thought.

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