Seeking information about a sword
I am seeking any and all information and photos about this sword I can find. It is an odd Petersen type Z viking sword. I am especially interested to know if the pommel was made as a single piece or as two pieces and riveted together as so many viking swords were. Would it have had wire seperating the two pommel pieces (assuming it's 2 pieces)? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!

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Here's what I have in my picture library. Have always loved this one. Used to have the cheap windlass knockoff, which was clearly not accurate, so I would not base anything off that one. Besides the fanciful pommel, it looks like the handle is very short.

Sorry, wish I knew more.


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Thanks JD! Keep 'em coming folks...
I'll try and pull out what I have one this one as well. I have a blade sitting aside for this sword, but haven't ever got started carving the waxes for it. At one time years ago I had asked about this sword on SFI and Peter was nice enough to share some about this one. The pommel is made up of two pieces and a hole in the pommel cap was one of the things we were talking about as far as if it was hollow, how much, and how it was attached.

What is the providence of that sword? I seem to remember reading that that one is Lombard rather than Scandinavian, but I may be remembering wrong.
I have some pictures of that sword from a few months ago.
Don't know if it helps but one of them is from a different angle.

[ Linked Image ]

[ Linked Image ]

Outstanding photos Viktor! Thank you so much! If you have any of the blade, I would like to see them. Thanks.
I'm sorry but I don't have any of the blade.


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