For Sale: Two Del Tin Schiavone (schiavona)
This listing is marked SOLD and is no longer available

I have recently discussed that my sword collection has grown too large. This site is expensive and the idea of continuing to put "new" money into the hobby is not compatible with the needs of the rest of my life. As such, I'm making some hard choices and putting up some things for sale. Besides, the collection takes up a lot of room and I need the space! Please help.

I have for sale a Del Tin 5173 Schiavona and a Del Tin 2170 Schiavona.

Many years ago I became interested in the schiavona. I had been a long-time fan of British basket-hilts, particularly Scottish types, but at the time very few examples of "Continental" styles could be found on the reproduction market. I started on a quest to get makers to explore making them. One of these makers was Fulvio Del Tin of Del Tin Armi Antiche of Italy.

Del Tin had a schiavona model (DT2170) in their line-up in the early 90s but by the time I approached them in 2001, the model had long since been discontinued. At the urging of a few people including myself, they introduced a new model a couple years later. It was the DT5173 and I bought one of the first pieces to leave their shop.

A short time later, I was able to get my hands on the earlier DT2170 model from circa 1991. The difference between the two is striking. They don't look to be based on the same pattern at all. For me, this was a good thing! Antique schiavone can be found in all kinds of forms and "grades". Whereas the DT5173 looks to be of a more refined example, the DT2170 is certainly a good representative example of a so-called "munitions-grade" sword.

I've only seem a couple other DT2170s and so I imagine this one I have is fairly rare to find. As such, I'd like to keep it as a set with the DT5173 and so would ideally like to sell the pair together.

Here are some photos I took this weekend. Please note that the first photo shows the DT5173 on top.

[ Linked Image ][ Linked Image ]

[ Linked Image ][ Linked Image ]

[ Linked Image ][ Linked Image ]

Click photos for full-sized versions

Regarding the DT5173: I've removed the varnish that Del Tin uses as a rust preventative. I've sanded the basket to 600 grit and then used a gray Scotchbrite pad on it and the blade to give an even satin finish similar to how Albion finishes their products. The result is much, much, much more pleasing than the standard Del Tin finish. The blade has a slightly sharper edge than most Del Tin swords and while I'd still call it a rebated edge, I've cut with it on a couple occasions with success.

The DT2170 is over 20 years old. As mentioned, the pattern gives the impression of a munitions-grade sword and so I've kept the basket in the same condition that I received it: with an ample amount of age visible. The result looks very much like several antique examples. When yanked around, one noticed a tiny bit of play in the basket but it's still very solid and sound. The blade is fairly sharp on this one and I've used it for cutting with good results.

The stats are below. Click the links to get descriptions of each piece:

Overall length: 39.125"
Weight: 3.1 pounds
Width of guard: 6"
Blade: 33" long; 1.75" wide at base
Fuller: 16" long
Grip and pommel: 5.75" long
Point of Balance (PoB): 4.75" from guard
Center of Percussion (CoP): ~22" from guard

Overall length: 41"
Weight: 2.9 pounds
Width of guard: 9"
Width of grip: 1.25"
Blade: 34.5" long below finger rings; 1.375" wide tapering to .625"
Fuller: 11" long
Grip and pommel: 6" long
Point of Balance (PoB): 4.5" from guard
Center of Percussion (CoP): ~21" from guard

So how do I price these things?

A new D5173 from Kult of Athena is $692.95. That's the best price I could find. The DT2170 is virtually impossible to find.

I want $525 for the DT5170. That's 75% of the new price. I want $400 for the DT2170. That would be $925 total separately.


Hm. That's only $182.05 over the cost of a new DT5173.

I prefer PayPal. Add 3% mark-up to offset PayPal fee. Shipping is extra.

Questions or comments can be Private Messaged to me here on or via email.

[ Linked Image ]
This listing is marked SOLD and is no longer available

I really would like to sell one or both of these. I'll consider offers and even trade items, especially if I would be able to sell the trade items with some ease.

Thank you for looking.

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