Requesting online info on 16th century english military

I'm looking for any online resources that could give me information on the clothing, armour, weapons, equipment and organization of the English military, particularly of the trained bands, between 1570 and 1590. Also any info about battles and tactics from these years would be cool too.

Any help you guys could give me would be greatly appreciated, as my Google searches have only turned up ECW stuff.

Thanks in advance for your replys. :)
Hi Robert I dont know if you've seen it but there is an article in features section of this site that deals with the 16th century English army.
Thanks for pointing that out Stephen.

Judging from what I've found on the internet so far I'll probably have to go buy some books to read on this subject.
Robert, I would suggest contacting Chris Last here on the forum - he does military reenactment specifically aimed at 1574 England. If anyone I know in particular, he and his crew could help you out.

EDIT: I just noticed you were located in Whitewater. If you are game, you can see these folks do their thing at the Bristol renfaire in Kenosha that starts up in about a week. They do interactive demos throughout the day/run and are glad to talk at length about what they do.
Jonathon, I actually saw that group at Bristol last year, and have had some email conversations with another one of it's members that I got in contact with from this forum. Unfortunately when I saw them I was more interested in their rack of weapons for show than finding out more about trained bands.

I will try contacting Mr. Last, thanks for the advice.
You could try the little book I had published last year, "The Bluecoats" I'm not at home at the moment, but can drop you more details next week

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