Hi guys,

I need a period quote for a book. It is in a section on 16th C Italian armour and should talk about a harness defending a soldier from weapon attacks or perhaps describe the splendour of a fully armoured Italian condottieri.

Here are some examples from other sections:

“Then girt him Beowulf in martial mail,
nor mourned for his life.
His armor broad and brightly shined,
woven by hand, should the waters try;
well could it ward the warrior’s body
that battle should break on his breast in vain
nor harm his heart by the hand of a foe.”
-- Beowulf

“Therefore he gave the King as a gift of grace this armor. Now there were ten cobalt bands upon it, and twelve of gold, and twenty of tin. And towards the opening at the throat there were rearing up three cobalt serpents on either side, like rainbows…”
-- The Iliad

“All parts of their bodies were covered with thick scales, so fitted that the stiff-joints conformed with those of their limbs; … arrows that fell upon them could lodge only where they could see a little through tiny openings opposite the pupil of the eye, or where through the tip of their nose they were able to get a little breath.”
-- Ammianus Marcellinus

“They could not, however, kill Masistius at first, for he was outfitted in the following manner: he wore a purple tunic over a concealed corselet of golden scales; thus they accomplished nothing by striking at the corselet, until someone saw what was happening and stabbed him in the eye…”
-- Herodotus, Histories