4th of July Sale
Sitting working on a casquettel and 15/16th century legs ( amongst other things ) and noticing things are a little slow with the holiday weekend comming up so we figured we'd offer 20% off on commisions for our plate torso armour and neck and shoulder harness till the 4th. See here http://www.merctailor.com/catalog/index.php?c...62cf2b7fdb and here http://www.merctailor.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=27. Feel free to conact us with any questions.
Just a friendly bump for those who may have missed it, and not a lot of time left and this is a good opportunity to get one or two substantial pieces around which to build up a kit.

I think that this one, Breast and Backplate with Faulds and Tassets, is a good start since adding full arms would just about complete a 3/4 kit with the addition of a helm. ;)


The arms not currently on sale but I have these and they fit and work great:

Eventually one can add in the leg armour.
Made an order from Allan today, but totally ignored the fact there was a sale on BODY armor. I ordered some splinted ARM and LEG stuff, but since full plate is a little after my period of interest, I could not go for anything on that was actually on sale. I was tempted severely though - as Jean noted above, that's a significant chunk of semi-custom harness for $300.00 - anyone needing such should probably jump on it! :)
Just checked the site because I wasn't sure when the offer expired, but quoted from the home page:

The 3 piece tassets, strait neckline and roped edges are sort of making me weaken ....... ;) :lol:

If I miss the sales deadline due to other recent spending I might buy the Breast and Backplate with Faulds and Tassets
as soon as funds become available in a few weeks. ( if I hold out that long ! ).

I have Almain collar http://www.merctailor.com/catalog/product_inf...cts_id=139 currently at the post office due for delivery early this week according to the Tracking, + the Two Piece Bracers I ordered a little while back at a previous sale. :D :cool:
One last little Bump in case anyone is looking at the site this holiday " day ". ;) Only a few hours left to take advantage of the sale.

Got my last order minutes ago that was delayed by our Canadian Postal Strike and the Almain Collar looks impressive: I will probably make a quick Topic about it later after I have a chance to try it out.

The Two Piece Bracers fit perfectly. :D :cool:

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