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Okay, not really Ivory like the original but a nice, off-white bone color. The pommel and hanuches are brass and as in the original, the blade is forged and ground to resemble a single-fullered backsword blade reused in this dirk. The original dirk has a date of 1663 but this may be talismanic or commerating an event. The dirk belonged to George Gordon or Rothney who recoreded his arms with the Lord Lyon in 1677. As the original has Gordon's arms engraved on the haunches and is recorded as still be alive in 1704, it is very likely that the original dirk dates from the last quarter of the 17th century. The dirk is illustrated in several standard reference books and is a rather famous speciman. Tod did an excellent job on the reproduction, the only noticeable differences are the tang (Tod's has a rosett knob and is peened) and the haunches with are cast in two halves. The spine is engaved with a series of "x"s for about half of the length.

I dodn't have a picture right now of the reproduction, but am attaching a picture of the original (which, incidentally is for sale by Alban Arms in Scotland.)

Dirk comes with a scabbard and is priced to sell at $500, cheap for such an unusual and fine piece. I will pay shipping in continental U.S.

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