Gus has just finished the first of a new sword design based on his interpretation of what a 13th century knight or noble may have carried for his riding sword.

Vital Stats:
Weight: 2 pounds 0 ounces.
Over-all length: 34.5 inches
Blade Length: 28 inches
Blade Width @ Cross: 1.75 inches
Grip length: 4 1/8 inches
Point of Balance: 4 inches

this sword is super light and super fast, very stiff for this type of sword and it cuts great.

I apologize that our web site doesn't currently list this sword but we are undergoing a major overhaul of our site and it will be added as soon as the update is complete. if you would like to purchase the one we have in stock currently (merc grade with Hex nut) or if you would like to place a commission for one then please email us at

Mercenary grade models are $375 + shipping
Tried and True full polish $435 + shipping
Permanent peen assembly is available for $65 otherwise they will be assembled with the standard ATrim hex nut