value of russian swords?
hello one & all.
I have a russian dragoon saber ( shaksa) with a 1917 blade on a 1908 grip, and a russian cuirassier palasch dated 1839 on the spine, with some cyrillic inscription that I can't make out. I am considering selling these items , and have a potential client who re-sells swords. The problem is that I haven't a clue as to fair market value and I am being asked how much I want. Well, I want what is fair, taking into account that a re-seller does need to factor in his own profit margin. To do so, I need to have a ball park idea about what these swords are worth, and Antique Road Show isn't coming to town soon, so... help!

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Similar swords appear on Ebay and dealer sites. This would give you some ballparks between wholesale and street prices, as well as premium dealers (in other words, do some internet research which is what any could offer at the expense of their own time).

The way you are describing the situation, you own the two pieces and must have acquired them at some point.. Consider a price somewhere up to 20% more than a reseller (or wholesale buyer) is offering. It is called bartering. A reseller will have an idea both what they might fetch and his own projected profit. If the price offered is less than your own initial cost, then there is little incentive to sell at all unless needing the cash. If that need is urgent, be prepared to part with the swords for less than your initial cost.

Pretty simple stuff actually.

Without much better pictures of markings on both swords and better overall of the cuirassier , they could honestly (A) not be what they appear to be and (B) quite foolish for anyone to offer a definitive range of value.

FWIW, the lesser and newer model sword trades at pretty low values with a good many of them actually Persian marked (wholesale either way below $200).


Value of russian swords?
Thank you for your insight and guidance.
I just wondered if anyone in our community had an idea of the value, taking for granted that these pieces are what they appear to be according to their markings. I am not asking anyone here to guarantee that my reading of the markings is authentic enough to act as a warranty, just a ball park idea of what these pieces would be worth if they are what they appear to be.
palasch repro
Just in.
The 1839 is a repro, so no interest to collectors of the real stuff, and the dragoon sabre would be in the 1,000.00 to 1,500. range, depending on final condition. More could be made of it with documented provenance. All for now.

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